Thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving. The practice of being grateful for my life is so helpful. This week I saw one of my kids speak in front of a room full of people. I was filled with gratitude. We had a spectacularly, warm fall November weekend. It was easy to be [...]read more

What I Really Want

Most Sunday afternoons, I don’t think “I should go for a hike.” In fact, I would rarely think that on any day. It’s not in my normal pattern to go hiking anywhere. On a typical Sunday afternoon I often think of two things: rest or productivity. My desire for downtime [...]read more

The Why of Self Criticism

We love to ask ourselves why questions: “Why do you get so anxious for no reason?” “Why do you always say something stupid when you are talking to others?” “Why can’t you get your financial life together?” One of my mentors suggests that these questions are really self-criticisms. Like when [...]read more

Changing My Lens

Yesterday, Seth and I headed downtown to cheer for Greg as he completed his sixth Baltimore Marathon. Seth is our youngest and a good cheering companion. We found our familiar spot just before the finish line. I love standing there because you see the runners exit Camden Yards. It’s the [...]read more

Out Of My Funk

A couple of weeks ago all of my kids came home and we spent the weekend together celebrating my birthday. It’s become a fall tradition that I look forward to every year. We spent the day in DC together: laughing, eating, seeing sites. When we all went our separate ways [...]read more