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Marathons, Funerals, and Life

The last few weeks I’ve been a spectator in some significant life events.

My husband, Greg, ran the Baltimore marathon. Then a few weeks later he ran the New York marathon with our friend, Katie, who has had a significant loss in her life. They ran together in honor of her husband who died unexpectedly in April.

Then this past week, I attended a funeral. One of my high school friend’s father died a few days after his 85th birthday.

I’ve been surprised at how the experiences have impacted me in similar ways.

At both experiences people let their guard down and show up emotionally. At the marathons random strangers cheer for runners they don’t know and will never see again. They call them by name at times (based on names on shirts). They make eye contact and thank you for cheering.

At the funeral, we heard the heartfelt love of grandfather, father, and friend. ... [read more]

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