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Transitions and Anxiety

Change brings anxiety for me. And back to school time always brings change. So I’ve noticed anxiety ramping up inside of me.

Even when back to school hasn’t brought huge amounts of change I get anxious. This year back to school came with lots of change in our lives:

  • Our 2nd son, Josh, heading back to school in one direction
  • Our daughter, Riley, heading off to college in another direction
  • Our youngest, Seth, heading to high school
  • My parents moving in with us
  • Our businesses growing and changing

These changes are really good changes. I’m looking forward to a new season. But with it comes a fair amount of anxiety.

My first reaction is to try to get rid of the anxiety. I tell myself it’s ridiculous to be anxious. I shame myself by saying that others don’t struggle with this. I try to distract myself by being busy. I try to hide the anxiety from myself and ... [read more]

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