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Time For Dreaming
Stone Harbor New Jersey Time To Dream

We pulled into Stone Harbor at 3 a.m. this morning after a hectic day. Two of the kids arrived home from camp later than expected. So our already late departure was then very late. I first went to Stone Harbor in 1990. I was single, young, fresh out of college, and the world was in […]

The Risk And Reward Of Feedback

“What makes Pixar special is that we acknowledge we will always have problems, many of them hidden from our view; that we work hard to uncover these problems, even if doing so means making ourselves uncomfortable; and that, when we come across a problem we marshal all of our energies to solve it.” Ed Catmull […]

The Power of Dad (And You)

My earliest memories involve two things: playgrounds and my dad. Wherever we would go, my dad would find the playground and Eric and I would play. My dad pushed us on swings, spotted us on monkey bars, caught us on the slide, and tried to balance his 6’4” body on the see-saw with ours on […]

Experiencing June 1, 2014
Therapy for feeling loss and joy

June 1st is a meaningful milestone in my life this year. It means May 2014 is over. Yesterday my second son graduated from high school. Two weeks ago he and his girlfriend joined the rest of their classmates at the prom. We hosted his graduation party in May. We went to his friends’ graduation parties […]

The Power of Example
Raising a moral child

Every parent that I know wants to teach their children to be kind and caring toward others. There is a universal desire for our children to be “good.” In the thick of raising kids that often feels like a daunting task. The New York Times article, Raising a Moral Child, by Adam Grant, explored this […]

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