Changing My Lens

Yesterday, Seth and I headed downtown to cheer for Greg as he completed his sixth Baltimore Marathon. Seth is our youngest and a good cheering companion. We found our familiar spot just before the finish line. I love standing there because you see the runners exit Camden Yards. It’s the [...]read more

Out Of My Funk
The perfect storm...

A couple of weeks ago all of my kids came home and we spent the weekend together celebrating my birthday. It’s become a fall tradition that I look forward to every year. We spent the day in DC together: laughing, eating, seeing sites. When we all went our separate ways [...]read more

Arming with Vulnerability

In conflict, most of us put our defenses up pretty quickly. Our natural instinct is to armor up, react, and protect. Some of us may withdraw, some of us may go on the attack, some of us try to avoid or change the subject. We tend to think conflict is [...]read more

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