The Inner Critic and an Opportunity to Grow

I can be my most harsh critic. This week I was listening to an interview with Paul Gilbert, founder of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). One of the aspects of this therapy that is interesting to me is that it deals with the nature of the conversation we have with ourselves [...]read more

Wasting Time (Or Not)

I don’t like wasting time. Not being productive invites me into the idea that my worth is more than what I accomplish. I’m not anti-accomplishment. I like accomplishing things. It can be difficult for me to slow down. When I have “free” time, it’s a challenge for me not to [...]read more

Hope and Marking Time

Yesterday we came home from an extended vacation in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. I’ve been going to Stone Harbor for vacation for 28 years in a row. I notice each year, as I get older, that one of my markers of time is this vacation every year. I compare this [...]read more

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