The Differentiated, Non-Anxious, Present, Individual (part 2)

Edwin Friedman said the secret to leadership and life was being differentiated, non-anxious, and present. Being non-anxious is a challenge in our culture. Friedman thought we had epidemic of anxiety. There is no shortage of anxiety today. In our culture, safety feels like the goal. Security is the ultimate desired [...]read more

The Differentiated, Non-Anxious, Present Individual

Edwin Friedman was a 20th century rabbi, therapist, and leadership consultant. He was a pioneer on family systems, and consulted organizations with a therapeutic approach to leading. Friedman said great leaders, in families and life were differentiated, non-anxious, and present. When it comes to our most essential relationships, I’d say [...]read more

25 Years and For Life
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On Saturday, December 21, 1991, Greg and I were married. So on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 we’ll celebrate twenty-five years of marriage. It’s hard to believe. I often feel about twenty-five years old still. So I’m not sure how I’ve been married that long. We struggled early on. Our personalities, [...]read more

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