Defensive: The Enemy of Intimacy

We all know it is important to apologize when we have hurt someone we care about. So why is it so incredibly difficult sometimes? Last Wednesday night, Greg and I had dinner in Charles Village then went over to the Hopkins campus for an event that we were a part [...]read more

Changing Habits: Choice Architecture

Habits are powerful. Bad habits confound us when we do things we don’t think we really want to do. Good habits allow us to be the kind of people we want to be. Most of us live with a certain level of bad habits that we wish we could change. [...]read more

Have to vs. Want to

Susan David, author of Emotional Agility, talks about motivation and the difference between the “wagging finger” and the “willing heart.” David suggests that we recognize the difference between “have to” goals and “want to” goals. Have to goals are placed on us by others or our own inner critic. These [...]read more

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