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The Hidden Cost of Avoiding Discomfort

It is normal that we don’t want to experience pain: some of us plan everything in minute detail to avoid surprises that we don’t like some use fantasy to fulfill a longing so we avoid what feels too risky to figure out in real life some of us don’t have a difficult conversation with a […]

Living Above The Line: Resentment

Dealing with resentment is critical for living above the line. My friend and colleague, Janice McWilliams, talks about resentment: Resentment tricks us into thinking that someone else has to do something for us to feel better. Resentment tells us that it’s not our fault. Resentment tells us that someone else is making us feel the […]

Time To Grow

After 17 years of struggling with an old, inefficient oil heating system, Greg and I finally decided to replace ours last fall. With the old system, we spent a small fortune on oil as prices crept up over the years. It had a terrific knack for breaking just when it got really cold. It was […]

Parenting and Values

One of the most asked questions I hear about parenting is this one: how do I make sure my children grow up with the right values and beliefs? We all have hopes and dreams for our kids. Many of us want them to grow up and live life a certain way. We love our kids, […]

Questions Parents Ask

This weekend my husband, Greg and I had the opportunity to talk with two different groups on parenting. Here are a few questions that tend to come up again and again. How do you make sure your kids make wise decisions about sex? How do you protect your kids from technology? How do you teach […]

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