New Year. Half Full. Half Empty.

A few months ago on a family road trip, our daughter, Riley, asked everyone in the car a question. “On a scale of 1-10 rate your happiness over the last 12 months.” We went around the car reflecting on the last year of our lives. Most of us answered in [...]read more

Marathons, Funerals, and Life

The last few weeks I’ve been a spectator in some significant life events. My husband, Greg, ran the Baltimore marathon. Then a few weeks later he ran the New York marathon with our friend, Katie, who has had a significant loss in her life. They ran together in honor of [...]read more

A Clear Picture

We are in the midst of a significant home renovation project. Moving things from one place to another as the work goes on. It’s been a good time to declutter as we go. The other day, while cleaning out another area that will be worked on, I stumbled across a [...]read more

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