New Year. Half Full. Half Empty.

A few months ago on a family road trip, our daughter, Riley, asked everyone in the car a question. “On a scale of 1-10 rate your happiness over the last 12 months.” We went around the car reflecting on the last year of our lives. Most of us answered in [...]read more

Marathons, Funerals, and Life

The last few weeks I’ve been a spectator in some significant life events. My husband, Greg, ran the Baltimore marathon. Then a few weeks later he ran the New York marathon with our friend, Katie, who has had a significant loss in her life. They ran together in honor of [...]read more

A Clear Picture

We are in the midst of a significant home renovation project. Moving things from one place to another as the work goes on. It’s been a good time to declutter as we go. The other day, while cleaning out another area that will be worked on, I stumbled across a [...]read more

Connection, Vulnerability, and Risk

We all desire connection. My husband, Greg, shared a story with me this week. He was working with a group of people and they were learning about each other and team building. He was feeling connected with them. Then something happened. It probably didn’t mean as much to anyone else [...]read more

50, Insecure, and Vulnerable

I got my first AARP card in the mail about a month ago. I threw it in the trash quickly. Tomorrow I turn 50. 50 fills me with insecurity. I think things like: I’m getting old (whatever that means) I don’t look young anymore The fun things in life are [...]read more