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Parenting and Values

One of the most asked questions I hear about parenting is this one: how do I make sure my children grow up with the right values and beliefs? We all have hopes and dreams for our kids. Many of us want them to grow up and live life a certain way. We love our kids, […]

Wise Technology Parenting

My parents had pretty simple technology issues to address with my brother, Eric and me: how much time we spent in front of the TV, how much time we spent on the phone, and how loud we played cassette tapes on our tape decks. Things were simpler on the technology front in the 1970s. Today […]

6 Tips On Helping Kids Make Wise Decisions About Sex

There are a lot of questions parent ask about parenting. Sex almost universally is on the list when I talk to parents. Few topics cause more anxiety for parents. In spite of the fact that we are all sexual beings, intended for intimacy and sexuality, many parents will avoid approaching the subject. Here are 6 […]

Questions Parents Ask

This weekend my husband, Greg and I had the opportunity to talk with two different groups on parenting. Here are a few questions that tend to come up again and again. How do you make sure your kids make wise decisions about sex? How do you protect your kids from technology? How do you teach […]

The Day After She Said Yes

Yesterday, my oldest son, Caleb, asked his girlfriend, Emily, to marry him. As the story was told last night, she was speechless and didn’t say anything. But the hugs, kisses, and tears indicated a yes. We spent the evening celebrating with her family and then their friends. It was one of those days that I […]

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