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Going Beyond Stress

We often think we have a epidemic of stress. Clients consistently tell me how stressed they are. And not just clients: friends, family, my kids, my husband. I experience it too. There is a lot of stress out there. But according to Robert Maurer author of Mastering Fear: Harnessing Emotion to Achieve Excellence in Work, […]

The Pain Invitation
The Pain Invitation

If our current life systems are working well, we don’t often change voluntarily. For most of us, we need some discomfort before we grow. It’s easy to want to avoid pain, frustration, and suffering. I do every day in some way. My guess is you do too. We don’t typically grow just because we wake […]

The Gift In The Midst Of Loss

I’ve attended two funeral services in the last week. One for a man that was almost twenty. One for a man that was almost ninety. One was a life lost with many years ahead. The other with many years behind. The loss of life is always painful. I was struck by the similarity of what […]

Creativity & Inhibition

The older I’ve gotten the more I value creativity. I don’t often think of myself as a “creative person.” But I am. I think we all are. We’ve just labeled some people who excel at arts or music as creative people. But creativity allows all of us to solve problems and move forward in life. […]

Avoiding Procrastination
Avoiding Procrastination

I can procrastinate with the best of them. My procrastination doesn’t get me into any kind of big trouble. When it comes to things that could get me in trouble I tend to get those things done. But when it comes to cleaning out closets, completing school forms, or making a doctor’s appointment, I can […]

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