The Parenting Goal

As a new young parent I was full of ideas about what my goals were for raising my kids. My expectations were high and I wanted to be the best mom I could be. In reality, most days I was caught up in figuring out how to get us through [...]read more

Who Is The Parenting Expert?

A quick search on Amazon for parenting books results in 142,088 books. We have never had as much access to information from experts about how to raise happy, healthy, and successful kids. Most of these titles promise that if you follow the author’s prescribed methods of raising your kids they [...]read more

The Invitation

We all face a number of common challenges. One that I see often is this: There is a pattern in our lives that leaves us simply feeling stuck. For some it might be weight loss. For others it is a job that they don’t want, but changing jobs might create [...]read more

Shame Part 2: Resilience

Shame is one of those feelings that we would just rather not deal with. It goes into the category of “nice to avoid.” The problem is what happens if we do avoid shame. If avoided shame gets in the way of living the lives we want to live. We want [...]read more

Shame Part 1: Our Response to Shame

We may desire close relationships, but often when the rubber meets the road we tend to act in ways that take us far away from others. We may not even realize what we are doing in the moment, but the result can lead us to be more isolated and disconnected [...]read more