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The Joy Thief

I’ve been struck by this idea lately: it can be as uncomfortable to deal with the really positive moments in life as the painful moments. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. It can feel vulnerable and scary to let ourselves fully experience joy or connection with others. Sometimes in the middle of a great conversation […]

Understanding Acceptance

The recordings in our minds are often the problem we need to address to grow. We all have to deal with them. Clients that struggle with anxiety often hear the same kind of message: “My anxiety feels like a sign of weakness.” Our image of strength is self-assured, confidant, and decisive. Anxiety feels like the […]

Being Found Out
Fear of being found out.

Many of us share this fear: I’m not really the person that people think that I am. And if people see the real me they will reject me. I have this fear. Most of you have this fear as well. It’s rooted in this one common idea: if people see what goes on inside of […]

Our Most Common Fear

Fear of failure is about as common as any fear we have. We spend so much time trying to avoid even the appearance (and especially the reality) of failure. We will go to great lengths to protect ourselves from failure. Sometimes we decide the risk isn’t worth it. We try hard to fly under the […]

I’m afraid of public speaking

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak to a group on a retreat about parenting. When I was asked about giving this talk, a big part of me wanted to say no. Public speaking has never been something I’ve enjoyed doing. I have often enjoyed sharing what I have learned about parenting or other […]

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