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The Joy Thief

I’ve been struck by this idea lately: it can be as uncomfortable to deal with the really positive moments in life as the painful moments. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. It can feel vulnerable and scary to let ourselves fully experience joy or connection with others. Sometimes in the middle of a great conversation […]

The Cult of Self Esteem

I was struck by the ideas in this article I found in the Atlantic this week. The article really describes the culture that I grew up in and have now raised my own kids in. My kids have been raised in the culture of self esteem. The culture of Hollywood kid’s movies is this: People win […]

Grown Up Parenting

One of the fundamental challenges we have as parents is staying connected to our kids as they get older. I’ve noticed that parents of teenagers tend to respond to challenging situations in one of two ways: 1. We can react by trying to control more and keep them from making bad choices by our own […]

Parenting: Connection

The longer I am a parent the more I realize what a huge responsibility and gift it is to help another person grow and develop. I don’t know a single parent that doesn’t want to raise great kids. Although, I’ve seen plenty that struggle in it. I’ve certainly struggled along the way. But generally, I […]

The Parenting Goal

As a new young parent I was full of ideas about what my goals were for raising my kids. My expectations were high and I wanted to be the best mom I could be. In reality, most days I was caught up in figuring out how to get us through the day in one piece. […]

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