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The Gift In The Midst Of Loss

I’ve attended two funeral services in the last week. One for a man that was almost twenty. One for a man that was almost ninety. One was a life lost with many years ahead. The other with many years behind. The loss of life is always painful. I was struck by the similarity of what […]

Letting The Whole Family Grow Up

There’s nothing like a holiday weekend with my four kids to remind me that they are each unique. They have plenty of similarities. There are traits that they all share. They also each have characteristics that are little glimpses of Greg or me. But they are each distinctly, different individuals. Each has special ways they […]

Dealing With Ourselves and Our Kids

I remember each time Greg and I welcomed a new life into our family. Beautiful moments that were filled with love and joy. Like all new parents, we had rose colored glasses when our kids were born. 22 years later our rose colored glasses have been removed. Life has happened. These aren’t the children they […]

The Third Option

Most of us go through life clouded by our style of approaching relationships. At least in part, we live as independents, dependents, or interdependents. The Independent Partner Independents pull away in an attempt to keep from getting hurt. Independents tell themselves that if they simply don’t need their partner, they won’t get hurt. Independents hide, […]

The Others Impact

We can’t avoid the impact others have on us. We’d like to, but we can’t. Sometimes we romanticize those who seem untouchable. Who doesn’t love an independent, American, free-spirited cowboy? But in reality, to varying degrees, we are all deeply impacted by those around us. We get an email from our boss or a client […]

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