Have to vs. Want to

Susan David, author of Emotional Agility, talks about motivation and the difference between the “wagging finger” and the “willing heart.” David suggests that we recognize the difference between “have to” goals and “want to” goals. Have to goals are placed on us by others or our own inner critic. These [...]read more

Moving On: Tweaking Our Mindsets

Most people I know want to make changes in their lives. And most want to do that in a way that is consistent with their values. I’ve never met anyone who has said, “I hope I yell at my kids today” or “I’m looking forward to lying more.” But we [...]read more

Clarifying Your Why

I rarely meet with someone that wants to live life in a way that is inconsistent with their values. However, I often meet with those that are struggling to live life according to those values. In the moment, we often struggle to act the way we truly want to. When [...]read more

Stepping Out

We don’t have to bottle or brood. We can show up. And when we do, we start to experience many emotions. According to Susan David, author of Emotional Agility, when we begin to experience the emotions that come when we show up, we have an opportunity to step out. Stepping [...]read more

Bottlers, Brooders, and Those Who Show Up.

In her book Emotional Agility, Susan David defines emotional agility like this: Being aware and accepting all of your emotions, even learning from the most difficult ones. It also means getting beyond conditioned or pre programmed cognitive and emotional responses (your hooks) to live in the moment with a clear [...]read more