The Anger Inside
Dealing with Anger

We all feel anger. It’s in us. It’s in those around us. We know it is part of the human experience. But it can still throw us for a loop, both when we experience it ourselves or when we see it in others. It can feel powerful and unsettling. We [...]read more

Conflict, Differentiation, & Growing Up

I don’t like conflict. I never have. At times I have gone to great lengths to avoid conflict. Yet I want to grow and I want to have healthy relationships. I see this with my clients all the time: we want to avoid friction in relationships but we also want [...]read more

Pain As Our Guide

Pain hurts. But it is also a gift. Pain is helpful for understanding what is happening beneath the surface. Naturally, we work hard to avoid feeling pain. Who wants to feel disappointment, loneliness, heartbreak, insecurity, or anxiety? But the reality is that pain is part of who we are. When [...]read more

The Gift of Pain

Pain free living. Can you imagine? My personal happiness would skyrocket without pain. At least that’s what I tell myself. Ashlyn Blocker has lived her entire life without pain. She’s thirteen years old and she doesn’t know what it’s like to feel pain. Her life must be pretty great right? [...]read more

Preventing Divorce: The Antidotes
The antidote for divorce

John Gottman can predict divorce with 90% accuracy just by observing a couple for a brief period of time. He’s identified the leading divorce indicators and calls them “The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.” Fortunately, he has also provided antidotes. Practicing the antidotes is divorce prevention for couples in times [...]read more