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Letting Go Of The Shoulds
Letting go of should

Many times we are cursed with should: I should lose weight. I should be a better dad. I should wake up earlier. I should stop smoking. I should work out. I should pray more. I should feel more in love with my spouse. I should have more faith. I should make more money. I should […]

Resurrection Day

Today is Easter. For 2000 years Christians around the world have celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday we mourn. On Sunday we celebrate. One of my kids asked today why Good Friday isn’t the ultimate Christian holy day. In some senses it is. But without Easter, Good Friday is just another […]

The Willingness To Stretch

We all are wired in certain, unique ways. We have traits that are just part of who we are: introvert/extrovert, free thinker/rule follower, people person/data person, etc. We arrange our lives around how we are wired. We are comfortable in our own skin when we are operating in the way we are wired. Then something […]

The Relationship Change Challenge
Countermove Harriet Lerner

There’s a subtle secret about change in relationships that causes a significant challenge: not everyone is initially receptive to our change. Our relationships have developed patterns. The world works a certain way. Most of the patterns aren’t even conscious, but they are there. So when we make a change in a relationship we throw the […]

Square Peg, Round Hole

If you were able to be a fly on the wall as I meet with clients you’d quickly realize something significant. Many of my clients share a common struggle. While the outside circumstances are different, on the inside most of us feel like we don’t fit in. We experience this in different ways and to […]

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