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Being Found Out
Fear of being found out.

Many of us share this fear: I’m not really the person that people think that I am. And if people see the real me they will reject me. I have this fear. Most of you have this fear as well. It’s rooted in this one common idea: if people see what goes on inside of […]

Our Under The Hood Habits

When Steve Jobs was approaching 30 he was asked a question by an interviewer for Playboy magazine: “Do you know what you want to do with the rest of your life?” Jobs answered: There’s an old Hindu saying that comes into my mind occasionally: “For the first 30 years of your life, you make your […]

Unbounded Freedom

In 1987, I was an education major at James Madison University. In one of my classes, Psychology of the Pre-Adolescent/Adolescent Child, I remember reading about a study that shapes me even to this day. The study observed children on a playground. Researchers watched changes in the children’s behavior when a fence surrounding the playground was […]

The Feelings Irony

Feelings are often either the hero or the villain in our lives. There is a lot of mystery around our feelings. Sometimes we are confused about our feelings. Sometimes we are afraid of our feelings. Sometimes we are ecstatic about our feelings. The challenge in life comes in how we relate to our feelings. We […]

The Invitation

We all face a number of common challenges. One that I see often is this: There is a pattern in our lives that leaves us simply feeling stuck. For some it might be weight loss. For others it is a job that they don’t want, but changing jobs might create difficult financial stress. It might […]

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