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Shame Part 1: Our Response to Shame

We may desire close relationships, but often when the rubber meets the road we tend to act in ways that take us far away from others. We may not even realize what we are doing in the moment, but the result can lead us to be more isolated and disconnected from others. We often are […]

The Relationship Dilema

Our lives are made up of relationships. From the moment we are born we experience relationships. As children when we go to school everything is in the context of relationships. We work in the context of relationship. There is no escaping that in some fundamental sense we are meant to live in relationships. And we […]

A Deeper Look at You: Self Compassion

We all know what it is like to experience emotional or psychological pain. The reasons why we feel this internal distress vary greatly. The pain may be from the loss of an important relationship or an internal battle with debilitating anxiety. It may be a stressful relationship with a child or a sudden job loss. […]

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