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The Third Option

Most of us go through life clouded by our style of approaching relationships. At least in part, we live as independents, dependents, or interdependents. The Independent Partner Independents pull away in an attempt to keep from getting hurt. Independents tell themselves that if they simply don’t need their partner, they won’t get hurt. Independents hide, […]

Creativity & Inhibition

The older I’ve gotten the more I value creativity. I don’t often think of myself as a “creative person.” But I am. I think we all are. We’ve just labeled some people who excel at arts or music as creative people. But creativity allows all of us to solve problems and move forward in life. […]

The Others Impact

We can’t avoid the impact others have on us. We’d like to, but we can’t. Sometimes we romanticize those who seem untouchable. Who doesn’t love an independent, American, free-spirited cowboy? But in reality, to varying degrees, we are all deeply impacted by those around us. We get an email from our boss or a client […]

Change & New Beginnings

I’ve never been a fan of back to school time. As a child it stirred a lot of anxiety in me. As an adult with children it has still stirred anxiety in me at times. Although I still have anxiety associated with this season, I’m using this back to school season to experiment with changing […]

Embracing The Quitter In You

I read recently that 6 out of 10 ex smokers weren’t successful on their first attempt to quit. “This new research shows that most people aren’t successful the first time they try to quit smoking. But each time you try, you learn a little more about the quitter in you. You become a little wiser […]

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