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Letting The Whole Family Grow Up

There’s nothing like a holiday weekend with my four kids to remind me that they are each unique. They have plenty of similarities. There are traits that they all share. They also each have characteristics that are little glimpses of Greg or me. But they are each distinctly, different individuals. Each has special ways they […]

Dealing With Ourselves and Our Kids

I remember each time Greg and I welcomed a new life into our family. Beautiful moments that were filled with love and joy. Like all new parents, we had rose colored glasses when our kids were born. 22 years later our rose colored glasses have been removed. Life has happened. These aren’t the children they […]

Goodbyes and Endings

Today I left my second child, Josh, at his college dorm and drove away. During the last couple of weeks we’ve prepared to go. We went to Target. We took care of last minute doctor and dentist appointments. We packed and repacked things. I’ve watched Josh say goodbye to his close group of high school […]

Disarming Conflict
Conflict Resolution Strategies

One of the most important decisions we can make in the midst of conflict is to realize that we need to be the one to respond in a healthy way. Whether it is with our spouse, co-worker, or child, the most helpful choice on our part is to own our response in the midst of […]

The Parent Challenge
The challenge of parenting

As a little girl I wanted to grow up and become a mom. I know not all women feel that way, but being a mom was part of my hopes and dreams. I couldn’t wait to be mom. My first child was born March 7, 1993. Since that day I can count on one hand […]

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