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Goodbyes and Endings

Today I left my second child, Josh, at his college dorm and drove away. During the last couple of weeks we’ve prepared to go. We went to Target. We took care of last minute doctor and dentist appointments. We packed and repacked things. I’ve watched Josh say goodbye to his close group of high school […]

Ask and Receive

I don’t like asking for help. I never have. I like being asked for help. Just not being the one asking. It hasn’t gotten easier as I’ve grown older. It feels like as a “grown up” I should be able to handle life on my own. Someone my age should be able to deal with […]

6 Thoughts On Tears
Anxiety and Tears

There are a few universals in life that are common to all men and women. Tears are one of those things. Some of us cry easily and often. Others are more stoic and tears are slow to come. But we all cry. Here are a few thoughts on tears and some quotes from Jay Efran […]

Disarming Conflict
Conflict Resolution Strategies

One of the most important decisions we can make in the midst of conflict is to realize that we need to be the one to respond in a healthy way. Whether it is with our spouse, co-worker, or child, the most helpful choice on our part is to own our response in the midst of […]

Mr. or Mrs. Fix It

We don’t like to struggle. At least I don’t know anyone that does. We are wired to resolve struggles. We see a problem and we want to find a way to solve it. Many times this is helpful and a needed response. It’s part of why we continue to grow individually and in the world […]

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