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Flipping My Lid

Here’s a scene from my life: I’m on my way home after a long day. I’m tired. I’m hungry. My mind is full after a day of work. I walk in the door of my home. The house is a mess. There’s no dinner plan. The kids need help with homework. There’s laundry or other […]

The Tapestry of Life

Our lives are a series of interactions with others. Each day we interact with those we know in our homes, at work, in school, in faith settings. We also spend time with those that we don’t know in stores, restaurants, sporting events, at the gym. Our life is a tapestry of interaction with each other. […]

The Art of Self Compassion
learning self compassion

Life is hard. It’s a simple, obvious truth that I think about often. Most people want life to go a certain way. We have a story in our minds of how things should be. For some this story might be pursuing career success. For others the story may involve athletic achievements or social influence. For […]

The Parent Challenge
The challenge of parenting

As a little girl I wanted to grow up and become a mom. I know not all women feel that way, but being a mom was part of my hopes and dreams. I couldn’t wait to be mom. My first child was born March 7, 1993. Since that day I can count on one hand […]

Marriage: The People Growing Machine

Last weekend I was in Alexandria, Virginia for clinical training with Dr. David Schnarch. The topic was Intimacy & Desire and I shared the weekend with a group of therapists from around the country. The appeal of the topic is obvious: every day I see people who want deep connections with those around them. I […]

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