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Reality as it really is

One of my favorite college professors gave me one of my most valuable lessons learned. While I was in college in 1988, Professor David Herr had us record our interaction with students in an elementary school. We were practicing how to manage classroom behavior. Our goal was to give positive feedback in response to good […]

The Power of Understanding the Want

I get to be a part of some amazing moments. It’s not every day, or every session, or even with every client. But often enough, I get to see magic moments happen. One of my favorites is when I see two people have a breakthrough in a relationship. It can be parent/child, husband/wife, co workers, […]

The Seasons of Life
Elise Caleb Josh Rittler

My two oldest sons turned 21 and 18 in the past 6 weeks. Besides living in pure denial about being the mother of two kids that old, I’ve also been sad as I watch the passage of time. I don’t like feeling sad. My default is try to push away the sad feelings and “manage” […]

Our Wandering Unhappy Minds

“Maybe happiness has an awful lot to do with the contents of our moment to moment experiences.” Matt Killingsworth, Doctoral Research Student, Harvard University My mind wanders a lot. It can be very hard to be present and very easy to be miles away. It’s a challenge to remain present in the moment. According to […]

Why I Don’t Take Risks

I avoid taking risks. I’m afraid of failing. There, that cat is out of the bag. Some of my fear is because of how I am wired. But a lot of my risk aversion is because I have to face one of my deep dark fears when I fail. The deep dark fear is that […]

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