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My Deep Desire for Connection

I’m drawn to people that are real. People that let you see the good and the bad. People that are ok with revealing their flaws and failures. I’m touched when I get to see behind the curtain. Real connections happen when we share the hurt and are vulnerable. It is the essence of being human […]

Off to the Races

Something snuck up on me. Thanksgiving this week marks the start of the race that will end January 1st. The holidays are upon us. I love much about the holidays. My rarely seen oldest son will be home from Virginia Tech (his home away from home). I’ll see family and friends that I don’t see […]

Our Powerful, Unbalanced, Brain

Our brains are the most sophisticated tools on the planet. At your next dinner party, find the neuroscientist in the room and ask him about your brain and it’s magical powers. He’ll go on for hours. We have a powerful, God given, tool right inside of our bodies. Our brains are particularly astute at detecting […]

Magical Superpowers of Change

“People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out and happen to things.” Leonardo da Vinci I’ve noticed something about my storytelling mind. When I am unsuccessfully trying to change something in my life there is a strange occurrence that takes place. The people who are good at what […]

The Joy Thief

I’ve been struck by this idea lately: it can be as uncomfortable to deal with the really positive moments in life as the painful moments. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. It can feel vulnerable and scary to let ourselves fully experience joy or connection with others. Sometimes in the middle of a great conversation […]

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