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Our Most Common Fear

Fear of failure is about as common as any fear we have. We spend so much time trying to avoid even the appearance (and especially the reality) of failure. We will go to great lengths to protect ourselves from failure. Sometimes we decide the risk isn’t worth it. We try hard to fly under the […]

Creating space for our inner life

Sometimes “success” looks easy on the outside. I see people every day that have jobs that pay the bills, families, nice places to live, and opportunities to engage others outside of work. And yet something feels like it is not working. We are anxious or bored or dissatisfied or discontented with our lives. I know […]

I’m afraid of public speaking

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak to a group on a retreat about parenting. When I was asked about giving this talk, a big part of me wanted to say no. Public speaking has never been something I’ve enjoyed doing. I have often enjoyed sharing what I have learned about parenting or other […]

Shame Part 2: Resilience

Shame is one of those feelings that we would just rather not deal with. It goes into the category of “nice to avoid.” The problem is what happens if we do avoid shame. If avoided shame gets in the way of living the lives we want to live. We want to find a way to […]

Understanding In Vivo Exposure Therapy

For some anxiety disorders, in vivo exposure therapy, can be extremely helpful. In vivo exposure therapy is when a client gradually faces the thing or situation that they fear. Over time, this therapy often helps change the clients response and helps them learn to relate differently to their anxiety around the fear. Take, for example, […]

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