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In 2015, Choose To Live Above The Line
Living life above the line

According to Fleet Maull there are two ways to live in the world: you can live above the line or below the line. After 14 years in prison for drug trafficking, Maull has seen some challenges in his life. Currently an author, consultant, trainer and executive coach, Maull spends his time encouraging his clients to […]

Failure Options

It’s interesting to watch how people respond to failure. Not big, catastrophic failure. Just your run of the mill, everyday, failure. Like eating too much when you swore you were going to cut back. Or promising you would be patient with your child then losing your temper. Or trying to live by a budget but […]

My New Chickens

On June 26th I saw this text: “I’m building a chicken coop. Corner where sandbox used to be.” That was from Greg, my husband. By his own admission, he is prone to the occasional hair-brained idea. But Greg’s friend Bill has chickens in his backyard and after seeing Bill’s chickens, Greg wanted to give it […]

Never Enough

It has been a hectic fall. Filled with great things. But hectic. When my life is busy, I hear a theme emerge in my mind: There aren’t enough hours in the day. I need to get better at juggling more things. I can’t get enough rest. I wish I had more energy. There just doesn’t […]

Changing The Way We Relate To Ourselves

I opened the door at 7:00pm to greet my next client. I almost immediately had a sinking feeling in my stomach. There were two clients waiting for me in the waiting area. I don’t know how I did it, but I double booked my time with two different people. One of my clients, the one […]

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