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Marriage: The People Growing Machine

Last weekend I was in Alexandria, Virginia for clinical training with Dr. David Schnarch. The topic was Intimacy & Desire and I shared the weekend with a group of therapists from around the country. The appeal of the topic is obvious: every day I see people who want deep connections with those around them. I […]

My 46 Story
The Story We Live By

I turn 46 on Wednesday. With the coming of 46, I have a narrative in my mind about my age. At 46, I am no longer in my early forties. At 46, I am clearly middle aged. At 46, I am closer and closer to the age when I could be diagnosed with a disease […]

Guilt vs. Shame

I said something to a friend this week that I regretted the moment I said it. As soon as the words left my mouth I was wishing I could reach out and grab them back. But they were gone and I couldn’t stop them. I was driving home after the exchange and I noticed a […]

Being Gracious With Myself

Recently I was describing to a client the way I think about something that I do. After I related a typical conversation that I have with myself, he commented, “you are really gracious with yourself.” I was glad that he noticed that. It hasn’t always been that way. I’ve worked hard to learn to be […]

Growth Skill: Mindsight

As I sit with clients, I often ask these questions: • What do you notice? • What thoughts are showing up? • Are you aware of any emotions you are feeling? • What sensations are you experiencing in your body? I’m asking them to pay attention to what is happening inside. Dr. Daniel Siegel calls this […]

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