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Moving Beyond Fear: INSPIRE

If we want to move beyond fear we will need help. Help comes in a variety of ways. Robert Maurer, PHD, author of Mastering Fear: Harnessing Emotion to Achieve Excellence in Work, Health, and Relationships, describes the types of support we might need using the acronym INSPIRE. I – Instruction: information, resources, skills N – […]

The Power of Love & Compassion

James Doty was a poor child in the high desert of California. Father was an alcoholic. Mother was depressed and disabled. According to Doty, he was on a road to nowhere as a child. When he was 12 years old he walked into a magic shop looking for a plastic thumb. In the shop he […]

Threat Reponse vs. Challenge Response

We survived the deepest snow in the history of Baltimore. At least the deepest on record. I’m worn out. Shoveling, digging out cars, being out in the cold, all leave me tired but contented. Ever since the first reports that this snowstorm was on it’s way, I’ve tried to pay attention to the way I […]

The Anxious Home

Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorder of our day. In many families, we struggle to know what to do with anxiety. We dismiss it. We deny it. We avoid it. And while we struggle, anxiety wreaks havoc on our families and in our lives. There is another way. Anxiety doesn’t have to […]

What Is The Good Life

In 1938, The Grant Study was started at Harvard Medical School. The study involved 268 Harvard sophomores. The study goes on to this day. The goal was to track these men (it was men only until they recently started studying their wives as well) and to study longevity. The findings are broad and deep. Over […]

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