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The Pain Invitation
The Pain Invitation

If our current life systems are working well, we don’t often change voluntarily. For most of us, we need some discomfort before we grow. It’s easy to want to avoid pain, frustration, and suffering. I do every day in some way. My guess is you do too. We don’t typically grow just because we wake […]

Time To Grow

After 17 years of struggling with an old, inefficient oil heating system, Greg and I finally decided to replace ours last fall. With the old system, we spent a small fortune on oil as prices crept up over the years. It had a terrific knack for breaking just when it got really cold. It was […]

The Things We Hate To Do
change when you don't want to

We all have things we don’t want to do. Sometimes they seem big: changing careers stopping smoking losing weight changing a significant relational dynamic breaking a lifelong bad habit Sometimes they seem small: getting out of bed exercising regularly flossing laundry random paperwork There are things on both of these lists that I avoid. I […]

The Gift In The Midst Of Loss

I’ve attended two funeral services in the last week. One for a man that was almost twenty. One for a man that was almost ninety. One was a life lost with many years ahead. The other with many years behind. The loss of life is always painful. I was struck by the similarity of what […]

Becoming Future Self Powered

Happy New Year! Time to lose weight, stop smoking, read more, put more money in the bank, get rid of debt, have better sex, follow a new spiritual practice, or simply decide to be a better you. For many of us, the new year is that time of year just before the time of year […]

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