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Saving Mr. Banks (and ourselves)
Saving Mr. Banks Ambivalence

I saw Saving Mr. Banks yesterday. No surprise here: I’m a sucker for movies that give a peek into someone’s inner world. The story is about how Walt Disney convinced P.L. Travers to make a movie of her book, Mary Poppins. It wasn’t an easy task. Travers was difficult to work with. She disliked Disney. […]

Advent: There is Hope

Advent, in the Christian tradition, is the beginning of the liturgical year. It is the start of something new. Advent is the preparation for the birth of Jesus. Jesus, who would take away the sins of the world and reunite humanity with the Father. This gift was to be free for all who believe without […]

The Inner Storms
Inner emotional storm

We don’t even understand why it happens. One moment things seem pretty normal. The next we are flooded with thoughts, feelings, and emotions that seem out of control. The worst part is it doesn’t even need to be something dramatic that sets us off: a look from a spouse, a comment from a friend, a […]

The Art of Self Compassion
learning self compassion

Life is hard. It’s a simple, obvious truth that I think about often. Most people want life to go a certain way. We have a story in our minds of how things should be. For some this story might be pursuing career success. For others the story may involve athletic achievements or social influence. For […]

My Storytelling Mind
storytelling mind

My mind gives me a running commentary on my life. All day long, and sometimes all night, it tells me a story about what I am experiencing. It’s like a sports announcer giving play by play on my entire life. I come home to dishes and mess all over the kitchen and my mind tells […]

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